Enjoy The Autumn With The Dog

Soon it is so far the heat wanes, the days are getting shorter and announced in the autumn. Autumn temperatures in contrast to the hot summer days are especially comfortable for the dog. However, the annual moulting and cold wind, as well as much rain brings the winter. Some problems on the dogs, which the owner should know lurk in the autumn. We have compiled the most important information for holders and dog to enjoy the autumn.

Safely through the dark days

The biggest disadvantage for the four-legged friends in the fall is that it is very early dark – fast man and dog are overlooked by car drivers. With simple tools which use also cyclist or Jogger in the dark, the walk is much safer in the evening:

Reflectors on the clothes for the master or mistress

Linen and dishes, the reflective

Shining West and rule coats of the owner provide the required attention of other road users.

Tip: For long-haired dogs luminous collar are covered quickly by the fur – help here Additionally mounted turn signals, which can be perceived very well. Who would like to purchase such indicators, is for example accessories animal feed House.

Watch out in the Woods!

A forest walk unconsciously many dangers on the four-legged friends: fallen chestnuts and acorns. Because many dogs take the fruit and chew on it around. For larger quantities and small dogs, however, this can be dangerous, because these fruits contain tannins , which can lead to diarrhea or vomiting in the dog. Especially if the recorded fruits, not by the gastro-intestinal tract fit, a veterinarian must be sought be sure.

Many dogs are in the autumn in the shedding – a long-haired dog, it is recommended to brush the coat regularly and thus absorb the dead hair. Because this enables the air to circulate better and works better the thermal regulation of the fur. Also should be sure Baden omitted, so that the body’s fat layer is not destroyed – it protects the skin from cold and damp. The dog on the walk was wet, so the fur should be rubbed off home thoroughly with a towel.

Beware of ticks and grass mites

Autumn is time ticks because ticks love mild temperatures and humid climate. For this reason, they are very active in the autumn. So successfully to protect the dog from a tick bite and the communicable disease , antiparasitic agents should be used such as spot-on preparations or an anti-tick collar. Piles of leaves and meadows autumn grass mites, which is set mainly in the ears, belly and groin and between the toes hide also in autumn like. They are just difficult to see with the naked eye and trigger a severe itching. Secondary infections can be caused by the scratching, accompanied by inflammation and crusts. The veterinarian must be consulted if mite infestation is suspected.

Caution in dogs with osteoarthritis

It’s really rough, long walks with the dogs should be avoided the best. Because the threat to the puppy-dog eyes through the cold wind is often misunderstood. Dog breeds with prick ears also quickly catch infection due to the cool air. Therefore short walks are better, also you should look up areas that are better protected from the wind, such as, for example, forests. Many health problems have dogs who have osteoarthritis in the autumn. Because the wet and cold season sets in addition to them. This is noticeable by very slow getting up and increased hobble. The complaints can relieve itself by providing a warm place on the heater or fireplace is the four-legged friends.

Tip: One tablespoon of flaxseed oil per 10 kg weight encourages cartilage development.

Special grooming in the autumn

In addition to grooming in the shedding due to the changeover from summer coat to Winterfell, a protein-rich diet is very important. As the moulting costs the dog many nutrients, and especially increase in protein consumption. These nutrients can record with feed dogs, for example through a gift by skim ricotta or cottage cheese in addition to the usual dog food.

Buy Pets And To Secure Positive Moments In Life

Good reasons why you buy pets

Owning a pet is very good for our health. There are many arguments to visit live sex cams and you should pay attention to that. We offer also for you some good reasons! Read this yet: we’re pretty sure that they will surpass any counter arguments.

Of course, the respective arguments concerning certain types of pets.

We are in a better shape and will get them more easily. According to modern studies, athletic exercises per day range up to 30 minutes for each of us to be fit. If you have larger pets, you would save those 30 minutes. Especially if it’s a dog, it is clearly the case. You have to do 2-3 daily time with the dog and mostly dogs walk fairly quickly.

You make your heart a favour

On the one hand you cause most pets to move faster. In addition they keep you company and you are calm. All these factors are very important if your heart should stay healthy. If you buy pets and well maintain them, you increase your chances of keeping your blood pressure in healthy frame.

You will have fewer allergies

For many readers this argument sounds maybe somehow bizarre. Are so many sonren just against pets now allergic to, isn’t it? Yes, but the reason for this is that most in a to sterile environment grew up. That’s why her body is so sensitive to pets. If they by small to live with those, they strengthen your immune system and more likely they will develop any allergies at a later age.

You reduce the risk from depression

You would have to stay away from the depression in a natural way? If you have pets and well maintain it, you can do this very well. Many jasminlive.mobi studies demonstrate the positive impact of domestic animals on our mental health. The reason for this is that the animals can express great love and affection. Continue to support our socialization. The dogs for example are a reason to get out of your home, to meet new people and make contacts.

Pets fulfill our life with positive emotions

Cats are not only sweet, but they have a healing power (it is at least so claimed)

Forget the boredom by purchasing a pet

The pet choice is a matter of personality

Many studies demonstrate the positive impact of pets

cats make for more comfort

Pet Accessories – Ideas For Pet Beds

Pet accessories – tips for cat and dog beds

People who have a pet, know very well: it is especially important to put this under the right conditions, and sometimes even to spoil. One of the most important things our “faithful friends” need, is to have a corner for himself alone. So is the pet cot…

In large part in the choice of bed design for the pet, many people opt for a fun element. But others sit on originality. In this www.jasminelive.online article, we want to give you some ideas and examples for the pet beds and thus stimulate your imagination.

Pet accessories – ideas for dog beds

The coffee table in the living room can be very well suited as a bed for your dog. Sounds very strange, but actually when you put some soft and cuddly blankets on the lower shelf of the table, your pet will feel very comfortable.

Goes smaller dogs in a special mini Pluschsessel wonderfully.

Depending on whole room set up you could opt for a plain or colorful dog Chair.

If you are challenging and even a little vain, then you would be certainly willing to give your pet a wide bed. What do you think of a low bed that looks like a people-bedroom bed? We find the idea very adorable.

Ideas for cat beds

The kittens are about graziösere creatures. They love the heat and cosiness. This provoked us, give you a cat bed in cylinder form to show. This has different ways of positioning. This cat bed will look great on the living room floor. An even better idea is to hang this up directly on the radiator.

It seems that the smaller pets want to receive special affection. You know best, to wake up nice emotions in us. Whether it really is because of their small size or because they radiate lack of help? If both are true, we should be ready to secure them with lots of https://www.chaturbaterooms.com extras.

Designer items for pets

Very nicely and effectively are the designer models for small dogs – elegant Chair in the form of interesting and beautiful patterned fabric or a Mickey Mouse hut. Each piece of this special animal accessories could be an inseparable part of your living room and bedroom, as well as from the hallway.

With much love and imagination, you can create unusual, beautiful and most importantly practical solutions for the pet bed.

Designer furniture for animals, animal accessories – also provide their games

Sleep like in the bedroom bed

Use the old suitcase as a bed for your cat

Integrate the dog bed fits in your facility

Pet accessories – an idea to do it yourself

A wooden hut for cats and small dogs

The dog beds should be pretty easy to clean

Pet accessories – a cat bed for the window

Provide for the comfort of your pet

A good combination – couch and dog bed in a

Cats have it like warm!

A dog bed fold-out

Animal furniture suitable for dogs and cats

Basic Hygiene In The Household With Pets

Pets often belong to the family. Accordingly they may move freely in the household. What appears simple at first glance, can mean a hygiene risk upon closer for the residents. Who is freedom of movement to his pet, be aware therefore some basic hygiene rules.

Dog, cat and co.–Ban kissing?

Many pet owners have a close relationship to her favorite. And even if the animals themselves on their cleanliness, make sure it is not recommended to kiss animals. Through close body contact pathogens from animals can spread to humans and vice versa. To wash your hands after each contact is not necessary however. It is sufficient to use the sink before eating, before the shaking hands and going to bed.

Dirt and grime from outside

Cats avoid mud, water and dirt and spend a lot of time for the grooming. Also small animals bring little dirt from outside with in the apartment. Otherwise this looks in dogs: with regard to dirt they are little sensitive and go for a swim in circumstances in ponds and rivers. At the four-legged friends, it is important to clean it before entering the House with a towel or a micro-fibre cloth. The coat is very dirty, a shower can help. But only clear water and, if necessary, special dog shampoo should come in to use. Conventional shampoo is suitable due to the acid levels for the fur of pets.

Regularly remove dust and hair

Almost all the animals lose much hair and leave small amounts of dust and dirt in the household – despite cleaning -. Pet owners should therefore regularly access to the vacuum cleaner. Some manufacturers offer even special models – for example Bosch with its Zoo’o ProAnimal vacuum cleaners.

More clean hygiene-sensitive areas

CAT and small animal klos should not only regularly cleaned, but back and again also be disinfected. The animals are very often in the same place, pet owners should disinfect the environment to be the favorite spot. This applies to the mooring itself restricted because the components of the disinfectant can irritate the animals. But, it is important regularly to wash bed blankets and other textiles or replace.

Animal in bed – Yes or no?

Many animal lovers can not separate even at night by their favorite and let sleep that’s why dog or cat in bed. To the effects on health, there are different opinions. Above average often change bed linen and as hot wash is definitely important. If the animals in bed to sleep, also the mattress must be cleaned regularly, intensively.

Regular screening protects pet and owner

The search for ticks is mandatory for dog and cat owners. Diseases such as parasite and worm infections are, however, difficult to detect. It is therefore advisable, regularly to consult the veterinarian and pre-emptively perform de-worming treatments for good hygiene in the budget.

As animals themselves on their cleanliness, exaggerated hygiene measures are not necessary. Who goes to attention with his animals and sufficiently often sucks and washes, must worry about hygiene risks usually in healthy animals.