Cat Training And You Understand Can – 40 Pictures Of Cute Cats

Educate your cat by learning to understand them

Cat behavior is enviably noble. These cute pets are moving with unparalleled grace and beauty. To this, every woman could be jealous. Therefore all the fabulous cats female characters in mythology and in film art. The slow movements show calm and self-confidence. Who wants to be like?

But the movements of cats have also another aspect. They show us how the animal feels. The movements of cats are also a kind of communication. Get to know your pet’s body language. Thus, you would be able to train your cat. How do you find it?

Educate cat – tail position

Many people know this character of the behavior of the dogs. They show this affection and joy. The dogs behave them so, when they see their masters. The cats it is the opposite. A wagging tail shows nervousness in the cats. It indicates bad temper and hostility. The cat wants to show you that she feels not good in a particular situation.

Analyze the circumstances and figure out what could have been disruptive in this situation. Do what is necessary, to remove the unpleasant factors. You can introduce measures to get the cat to the unpleasant situation.

Slightly open eyes

If the cats are very quiet, they just open their eyes. That shows satisfaction and enjoyment. The action that leads them, or the situation should occur often in everyday life. So you have a contented and cheerful pet.

The whimsical reclining poses, which sometimes take cats, are really amusing. For this they are popular among other things also. Look at it from a different point of view! Such movements have the following meaning: view full rest and relaxation!

Ears pointed backwards

The cat is scared. She is ready to attack. Be careful so that there are no injuries.

Ears pointed forward

You also show a Mindfulness. Ears pointed forward, indicating that the cat is very carefully listening to sounds. In nature, these body language shows willingness to fight.

The arch, the cats sometimes do with her body, is often associated with raising a paw. The claws are sharpened and the cat falls noise front. Demonstrated to power and says: “You should leave me alone!”. Usually, this happens then if there are dogs nearby.

Here is a more important gesture of the body language of cats. It would have to understand this if you want to properly educate your cat. The polka dots with paws shows that you have won the trust of the cat.

After the games, cats often take a NAP

Make your fish safe

The kitten looks cute?

Better choose a special cat toy

A stunning flexibility

Educate cat is not always easy

Cats can be quite naughty!

Setting a place, all alone for your cat a

Lurking is their specialty!

Cats should have their own bed

I’m hungry!

Pay the necessary attention to your pet

Each cat has their favorite hiding place